How Product People's
Ways of Working Deliver Value

Product People GmbH is a product management consultancy with full-time in-house staff on our payroll. We do hands-on work as Product Managers/Owners on an interim basis (3+ months) and onboard quickly to align teams and deliver outcomes.

We created special ways of working that support us in delivering the highest quality of service to our clients.

Flexible Contract

Cancel anytime in the first 30 days. Executed days will be invoiced. (In case of any discrepancy, the wording in the signed contract prevails over the text on this website)

Product People Trio

The Product People Trio is a unique approach to Product Management as a service: "Buy 1, get 3" package with a Client-Facing Product Manager, a complimentary backup Buddy, and a experienced Supervisor

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Labour Law Compilance

We only serve clients via our in-house full-time staff. We are not a marketplace/network because independent contractors pose liability due to false self-employment laws (Scheinbeschäftigung in Germany and IR35)

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Product People Trio

Having supported more than 80 companies in 200+ engagements, we have developed a unique approach to product management as a service, the Product People Trio.

The Product People Trio consists of the following:
1. Product Manager (your main point of contact) is embedded in the team. This is the person you interview/pre-approved.

2. Associate Product Management Consultant is a backup/buddy for tactical support (take meeting notes etc.). They also help limit the “bus factor,” prevent knowledge loss, and keep the momentum going when people suddenly fall sick, exit, or take a personal leave.

3. VP/Director of Product supervises behind the scenes and ensures service quality, including regular feedback sessions and artifact reviews.

This helps us ensure the best-in-class quality of service and uninterrupted availability for your team, while seamlessly looking like the usual “freelancer” or "body-leasing" setup.

Adding supporting members of the Trio is complimentary not charged separately.

Why work with us

Benefits of
Product People Trio

Uninterrupted service: The client’s team is always supported, even when the Product Manager needs to take an unexpected sick leave or a vacation to replenish their energy. 

Best quality, even in small details: Having an associate support the leading PM means better organization and documentation. Our Associate PM ensures that documentation, including meeting notes, is well-kept with no extra cost, even when PMs are busy with operational tasks.

Maximizing Product Success with the Expertise of 40+ Product Managers: Working with Product People gives clients access to the knowledge and experience of our team of 40+ PMs. Each client engagement is supervised by a VP/Director of Product which ensures that an expert will vet all important decisions, and your side will not need hand-holding.

Continuous support
Experienced supervisors
Why work with us

What our Clients say

Our clients appreciated the Product People Trio as it creates reliability and helps us exceed expectations.

Product People Trio's onboarding process was seamless and efficient. Although we initially had some concerns about the additional overhead of bringing them on board, they reassured us of the value of the process.

Thanks to Product People Trio’s expertise and guidance, we were able to fully benefit from the service and even consider implementing it internally.

We are grateful for the support and would highly recommend Product People to any company in need of exceptional product management services.

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Frequently Asked Questions
When to hire interim Product Managers? 
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1. Your Product Manager/Product Owner is taking parental leave for 3-12 months.
2. The Product Manager/Product Owner is leaving your company, and hiring will take 3-9 months.
3. You have a temporary initiative that is important and urgent.
4. You’d like someone to appraise or set up the product team and processes.

How does your contracts work?
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1. Sign a  contract with Product People GmbH. We recommend a 3-6 months initial contract length. We’re happy to serve you as long as needed thanks to our compliant setup, 12+ months is possible.

2. Cancel anytime in the first month.

3. Pay a monthly invoice that comes with timesheets.

When can you start?
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ASAP is possible, 3-10 business days from the contract signing date. 

What is the allocation?
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1. We recommend on a rolling basis of 4-16 billable days/person/month, meaning 1-4 days/week (e.g., Mon-Thu or Wed-Thu, etc.). Thanks to the Product People Trio, we cover a full-time role in 3-4 days as we’re more effective. And are not drawn into internal overhead activities, politics, or busy work as regular employees tend to.

2. In high-pressure times, we’re happy to support you on a 5 days/week basis, which will be reflected in the invoice.

3. We can support a lower allocation (1-3 days/week) as long as it's a minimum of half a day at a time. The availability days should be the same every week (e.g., Mondays) unless there’s an emergency.

How much does it cost?
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Depends on seniority, the number of PMs you retain from us, and complexity. We work on a rolling basis for 4-16 billable days/person/month. The most common allocation is 16 days/month, in which we cover a full-time role.

How do we make sure to protect confidential information?
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To protect the confidentiality of our clients, we have confidentiality clauses in the contracts of all our representatives. Since your contract is with Product People as a company, all the employees signed a non-disclosure agreement, not only the specific team members who work with you at a given time. 

To ensure the required levels of security while supporting the best service delivery, we request the client to provide additional accounts to the supporting members of the Product People Trio to access documents in the client’s environment without compromising security. Unlike traditional consultancies, we need accounts since our work is hands-on, and we need to provide feedback, guidance, and service delivery contingency in case of our client-facing representative's unexpected or expected absence.

How do you ensure the good performance of your Product Managers?
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All our team members underwent a 7-step hiring process, including hands-on assessment and reference checks.

In addition, all our team members: 
1. Are in-house on a full-time contract. We’re not a recruitment agency or a freelance network, which helps us control incentives and quality of service.  
2. Get extensive mentoring, a learning budget, and paid learning days.
3. Are allocated max 4 days/week/client to have time to share knowledge and upskill. 
4. Have strong academic background, including MBA and Ph.D. holders.
5. Receive home-office equipment. Have supportive work conditions, paid sabbaticals, and optional 4-day work weeks.

To ensure that our product managers are providing high-quality service to our clients, we conduct regular quality of-service calls. These calls help us to monitor performance, identify areas for improvement, and address any issues that may arise. By maintaining a consistent level of quality through these calls, we can ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service from our product managers.

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