Increased User Engagement and Perceived Value on the Emma Sleep's App Thanks to Product People

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The Client: Emma Sleep

Revolutionizing the Sleep Tech Industry

One of the fastest-growing sleep techs, Emma is on a mission to lead, disrupt and reinvent the industry and deliver better sleep experiences. With headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, the company has expanded to 22 countries on 5 continents.

Emma's Vision

The Mission: Drive the Development & Re-Launch of the Emma Motion Mattress Companion App

We joined to upgrade the mattress companion app for market readiness, help establish app quality, and build solid software processes with the team.

Our Champion on the mission was a highly-skilled embedded Engineering Tech Lead who needed a sparing partner in Product and the knowledge on the best practices to run a modern software development team and drive the development of the mobile app.

How We Helped

Led the Roadmap for the App’s Development

We led the conversations surrounding the app’s roadmap by working closely with several cross-functional teams & lead stakeholders:

  • Discussed and evaluated all planned initiatives; we eventually led the cancellation of a few to free development capacity to focus on more promising initiatives.
  • Coordinated customer interviews and maintained channels to collect user feedback.
  • Participated in high-level ideation sessions with upper management.

Discovered New User Engagement Initiatives

After launching user behavior tracking on the app, we noticed a decrease in engagement frequency after initial account creation & usage. Working in strong collaboration with the UXUI designer, we explored & discovered how we could motivate users to return to the app with a sense of purpose. We helped run several ideation workshops and supported the designer in developing prototypes for usability testing.

Oversaw the App Redesign

With an updated Emma Sleep corporate identity, aligning the existing app with the new positioning was essential. We supported the designer and dev team in improving the UI based on the guidelines. We used the opportunity to provide a seamless & holistic user experience from marketing & e-commerce channels to onboarding within the app.

Managed the Development Processes

With a team of five developers and one QA, we established a clearly-defined way of working and hosted bi-weekly retrospective sessions to improve the process continuously, support team happiness & increase velocity. We used our responsibility in leading scrum ceremonies to establish an open & collaborative environment. When the team roster changed, we helped onboard and engaged the new developer hires. Before our mission was finished, we left behind robust documentation and even hosted a training with other Product Managers to share best practices on everything from Jira to product management.

Delivered Outcomes

At the end of our mission, we helped transition the team to another product crucial for Emma’s 2022 goals. Our mission lasted for 6 Months, from November 2021 to May 2022. Notable outcomes we've delivered in the 6 months:

💡 Built a motivated, strong, and engaged software development team.
💡 Discovered new user engagement initiatives.
💡 Rebranded the app based on the new Emma Sleep corporate identity.
💡 Launched GDPR-compliant user behavior tracking using a self-developed backend and Tableau analytics.

In the Client's Own Words

Space Crew of this Mission

Senior Product Management Consultant
VP/Director/Head of Product
Associate Management Consultant

For Clients: When to Hire Us

You can hire us as an Interim/Freelance Product Manager or Product Owner

It takes, on average, three to nine months to find the right Product Manager to hire as a full-time employee. In the meantime, someone needs to fill in the void: drive cross-functional initiatives, decide what is worth building, and help the development team deliver the best outcomes.
If you're looking for a great Product Manager / Product Owner to join your team ASAP, Product People is a good plug-and-play solution to bridge the gap.