Coaching BIA’s Product Team to Default to Action and Take Calculated Risks

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The Client: BIA Berlin Innovation Agency

BIA is an Innovation Agency, launched in 2019 in the very heart of Berlin.

Today, BIA works with startups, scale-ups, and corporate organizations all across the globe to produce powerful journeys that accelerate their transformation.

The 3 Pillars of BIA are Innovation Management, Learning, and Organizational and Cultural Transformation.

BIA offers leadership training and blueprint design services to help teams succeed in the new world of work and enhance engagement and performance. They specialize in innovation programs, startup partnering, ecosystem immersion, workshop sprints, and team training to systematically solve problems. BIA is at the center of Berlin's vibrant startup ecosystem and hosts regular accelerator, partnering, and impact programs, creating international networks and community events.

The Mission: Product Coach

The client was looking for a product-focused workshop that would inspire their startup teams to default to action and take calculated risks. They knew that the early stages of any startup are critical, and they wanted to give their startup teams every advantage.

The workshop was a chance to set their startup teams up for success and to provide them with the tools and resources they needed to bring them to the next level: a runway of innovative ideas, a guideline to test those ideas early on, and most importantly, prioritization frameworks to stay laser-focused on achieving success.

Our Main Quest: Product Workshop

Setting the stage for workshops tailored to the needs of early-stage startups

Before the product workshop, we collaborated with the Program and Project Managers at BIA to determine which topics would be most valuable to focus on.

We took advantage of a parallel product coaching mission with the same client to assess the startup team's knowledge and comprehension of product management and discovery and delivery frameworks.

An additional complexity in the preparation was thinking about the specific domains the startup teams are in. The workshops were planned for the Future Health Accelerator with 13 startups in the domain of HealthTech and the Future City Accelerator with 11 startups in the domain of sustainability and urbanization. Both domains face very different regulations and challenges which we incorporated into the workshop.

Using this information, we crafted a comprehensive workshop proposal that was presented to and approved by the Program and Project Managers at BIA. We then created a Miro board including explanation slides, examples, and exercises, to share with the team during the workshop.

Workshop Miro Board

Facilitating the Workshop and Adapting to the Audience

The workshop was a dynamic and engaging experience that was designed to help participants fully grasp the concepts at hand. It kicked off with a clear and concise explanation that was followed by relatable examples and hands-on exercises that allowed the audience to immediately apply what they had learned.

We were committed to tailoring the workshop to the audience's interests and were happy to answer any questions. Our top priority was to ensure that everyone left the workshop feeling confident and empowered, with a deep understanding of the concepts presented. We understood that each participant brought a unique perspective and level of experience to the table, and we were committed to meeting them where they were.

Our goal was to provide real value, by not only teaching the concepts but also helping each participant understand which tools were more useful to achieve the startup’s objectives and how they could implement them quickly.

Delivered Outcomes

💡 Empowering product-focused workshop that equipped the client's startup team with tools, resources, and frameworks to level up their startup.
💡 The dynamic and tailored experience helped participants grasp concepts with relatable examples and hands-on exercises.
💡 Real value is delivered to each participant, teaching them useful tools to achieve objectives and implement them quickly.

In the Client's Own Words

Space Crew of this Mission

Product Management Consultant
VP/Director/Head of Product
Associate Management Consultant

For Clients: When to Hire Us

You can hire us as an Interim/Freelance Product Manager or Product Owner

It takes, on average, three to nine months to find the right Product Manager to hire as a full-time employee. In the meantime, someone needs to fill in the void: drive cross-functional initiatives, decide what is worth building, and help the development team deliver the best outcomes.
If you're looking for a great Product Manager / Product Owner to join your team ASAP, Product People is a good plug-and-play solution to bridge the gap.