Sastrify, a SaaS Buying Platform, Increased Daily Active Users with the Help of the Interim PMs from Product People

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The client: Sastrify

Sastrify is a B2B SaaS procurement platform that allows companies to keep track of their SaaS tool stack, discover the right tools for their businesses and save money on licenses and subscriptions.

Sastrify is establishing the agile process to buy software to minimize risks and maximize business outcomes.

How Sastrify Works

Sastrify has made Sifted’s list of the best European start-up companies to work for and is on a mission to provide the right set of software, lightning-fast and at fair prices, to make companies successful.

Sastrify's Explanation

The Mission: Interim Product Manager

We joined Sastrify’s Solar Flares Product and Tech team to serve as Interim Product Managers during a parental cover, aiming to automate visibility into inventory. We were part of a team of Front and Back-end Engineers, an Engineering Manager, and a UI/UX Designer.

Sastrify was also in the process of expanding the team and hiring a permanent Product Manager. Product People’s Interim Product Managers came in to fill the gap over the course of 6 months until they found and hired their amazing new PM, which we also helped onboard.

Within our mission, we were tasked with finding ways to automate the visibility of their B2B customer’s SaaS tool stack and increase the average Daily Active Users (DAUs) on the platform.

Our Main Quest

Delivery: Partner API Integrations

Sastrify's API Integrations

We integrated with Google Workspace, Xero, and Netsuite to enable B2B customers to discover their company SaaS tools with a click of a button instead of manually creating and uploading their SaaS tool stack during onboarding. This usually took several weeks before the integrations.

We brought a lot of value to Sastrify’s customer base as it saved time and allowed new and existing B2B customers to integrate with their existing accounting software. This set the groundwork for further accounting software integrations and the ability to update spend automatically from these integrations.

Delivery: User Roles on Platform

Sastrify's User Roles

We have created and released User Roles on the platform that would give B2B customers complete control and flexibility on how their teams can contribute to their company’s tool stack and what level of visibility they would have (access to financial data, documents, contracts, etc.).

User Roles would also increase Sastrify’s daily average users whilst fostering and nurturing the deserved trust that Sastrify has built up with its B2B customers.

Continuous Discovery

Continuous Discovery for Sastrify
Core Journey as an Admin

Product Managers at Sastrify have frequent interviews and testing sessions with customers, increasing the chances of reaching their well-defined outcomes with the building effort the teams embark on. Opportunity Solution Trees were kept up to date and formed part of our handover to the new Product Manager.

Onboarded the new full-time Product Manager

It's time to say goodbye.

While Product People's Interim Product Managers successfully led the mission, Sastrify has found a new permanent PM for the team. We welcomed them with a Handover Document and Miro board that Product People created. The well-detailed document contained all the necessary valuable information to help the new PM get up to speed immediately. Through more than 24 pages, every detail of the mission was covered:

  • A short introduction to the mission
  • Introduction to the team and stakeholders
  • Ways of working and meeting cadence
  • A detailed explanation of the company and team OKRs
  • A detailed explanation of the ongoing topics
  • A detailed explanation of released features and integrations, how it relates to the team’s and company’s outcome, and what has been discovered for going forward
  • Compilation of links to essential documents, systems, boards, etc.
  • List of key people, including other teams and stakeholders

Product People also prepared handover sessions for the new PM to discuss all topics and clear any doubts the new PM had. By holding several weekly sessions, Product People ensured that the new PM had quality deep dives into ongoing topics and extensive Q&A sessions. With the help of these sessions, the new PM could integrate into the team's complex projects at an impressive pace.

Delivered Outcomes

💡 Integrations with Partner APIs like Google Workspace, Xero, and Netsuite.
💡 Continuous Discovery and up-to-date Opportunity Solution Trees (OSTs) focused on driving the company and team’s outcomes.
💡 OKR definition and planning with the team.
💡 User Roles functionality released on Sastrify’s platform.
💡 Successfully onboarded the new PM in a few weeks.

In the Client's Own Words

Space Crew of this Mission

Senior Product Management Consultant
Product Management Consultant
VP/Director/Head of Product

For Clients: When to Hire Us

You can hire us as an Interim/Freelance Product Manager or Product Owner

It takes, on average, three to nine months to find the right Product Manager to hire as a full-time employee. In the meantime, someone needs to fill in the void: drive cross-functional initiatives, decide what is worth building, and help the development team deliver the best outcomes.
If you're looking for a great Product Manager / Product Owner to join your team ASAP, Product People is a good plug-and-play solution to bridge the gap.