Increasing User Engagement as Interim Product Managers for a Healthtech App

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The Client: Fresenius Group

Fresenius Group is a German-based global healthcare company with a diverse range of services in the medical field. The company operates through four main segments, each specializing in different aspects of healthcare.

Fresenius Medical Care is renowned for its dialysis services, catering to individuals with chronic kidney failure. Meanwhile, Fresenius Helios operates hospitals primarily in Germany and Spain, offering extensive medical and health services, and is one of Europe’s top private hospital operators.

The third segment, Fresenius Kabi, focuses on lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion, and clinical nutrition. This division is dedicated to the care of critically and chronically ill patients, providing essential products and services for hospitals and outpatient medical settings.

Lastly, Fresenius Vamed deals with the management of projects and services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Its expertise ranges from the planning and development to the management of healthcare facilities.

In essence, Fresenius Group spans a comprehensive range of healthcare services and products, from kidney dialysis and hospital management to nutritional products and essential medical services and technologies. This broad spectrum of activities allows the company to significantly influence various aspects of healthcare delivery around the globe.

The Mission: Outbound Product Manager to Drive Engagement in the App

In June 2022, we joined Fresenius Group as interim Outbound Product Managers. We were needed because the Product Manager was going on maternity leave. Fresenius Group had been preparing an international expansion into low- and middle-income countries, and the product's complexity was increasing. Our mandate was to support the team in identifying and implementing initiatives to increase user engagement in the app. The team was comprised of 25 developers, 2 designers, 2 UX researchers, 3 tech leads/engineering managers, 2 Digital Therapeutics specialists, and also stakeholders from the Marketing and Business Development departments.

Our Main Quest

Continuous Discovery

A significant milestone was to launch of recurring research activities to test assumptions and opportunities. Our main focus was to increase activation, engagement, and retention within the overall user journey.

Initiative 1 - Optimized Sign-Up Flow


We saw that many users downloaded the app but didn’t finish the sign-up, which meant a high bounce rate that wasn’t beneficial for the company. Additionally, from user interviews, the core concept of the app was lost to the user during the sign-up.

Our goal was to tackle the high bounce rate and communicate clearly the value proposition of the app during the sign-up.

What We Did:

First, we conducted user surveys to gather empirical evidence of the problem. The next step was to review the existing user flows with Designers and Developers to identify and map the main pain points.

Once this was finished, we aligned with the legal team to adapt the user flow to local legal requirements (Vietnam, Kenya, Columbia), and to be compliant with GDPR in Germany, which is a very important step. This required assembling additional requirements for country-specific sign-up.

Then, we aligned with the designers and UX researchers, and they created and validated country-specific sign-up flows.

Our Outcomes:

  • An engaging and streamlined sign-up to drive up conversions.
  • A tailored sign-up flow encompassing cultural differences between various countries.
  • The App vision of being a “personalized health coach” is being understood during the sign-up flow.

Initiative 2 - Homescreen redesign


Many features had been implemented within different parts of the application and the navigation for users was hindered. So, we decided to run user tests for the app. Thanks to this initiative, we confirmed that users had a difficult time navigating through the app.

To tackle this, we focused on our OKRs, as we wanted to highlight our main features and drive engagement to the app.

What we did:

Before starting any initiative, we did a preliminary usability check to establish a benchmark. We also reviewed user’s main pain points and cross-checked with the features/KPIs we wanted to highlight/increase in ideation workshops

Then, we established preliminary designs after gathering the main requirements and conducted user tests to reshape the home screen from a user-centric approach. This required designing iterations from user tests and validating the mentioned designs.

As a last step, we implemented tracking to monitor the usage and prorated the most essential changes to be made. That’s when the development began.

Our Outcomes:

  • We provided a user-centric revamp of the home screen that highlighted our main features (video consultation, health check).
  • We delivered an interface that users understood and knew how to use.

Initiative 3 - Health-Check


One of the main features/experiences Fresenius Group aimed for was providing a personalized health check with tailored recommendations (exercise plan, diet, etc..). This personal experience was meant at driving conversions towards video consultation (a paying feature) for users with health concerns ranging from mild to severe. The initiative was a legacy from the previous PM and the scope was broad.

What We Did:

We defined priorities with the medical and digital therapeutics team for the overall initiative. As the health-check initiative was quite broad, we prioritized its most impactful parts and established a release plan with two smaller versions. Then, we added tracking to the feature so that KPIs could be monitored and improved upon.

Our Outcomes:

  • Successfully launched the first version of the health-check
  • Planned for the second version of the health check to be released.

Mission Achievements: Delivered Outcomes

💡 Optimized Sign-up flow to increase conversation rates.
💡 Conducted a Homescreen redesign to ease usage.
💡 Implemented a personalized Health-Check for users.

In the Client's Own Words

Space Crew of this Mission

VP/Director/Head of Product
Associate Management Consultant
Product Management Consultant

For Clients: When to Hire Us

You can hire us as an Interim/Freelance Product Manager or Product Owner

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