Creating a HealthTech Platform from Scratch for Eterno Health as Interim Product Managers

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The Client: Eterno Health

Eterno Health is a HealthTech start-up based out of Germany. With a focus on preventative healthcare, Eterno Health provides fully equipped areas for medical practitioners to conduct their practice independently.  On the other hand, it provides patients with an easy way to connect with medical practitioners for their needs, both digitally and physically.

Driven by a mission to reimagine modern-day healthcare, Eterno Health operates in both the physical and digital spaces. They have state-of-the-art hubs set up where the practitioners work and they also have a robust platform for managing patient profiles, appointments, home diagnostics, and much more.

The company focus is on - but not limited to - mental health, physical care, wellness & prevention, and chronic conditions. Moreover, Eterno Health intends to make all non-medical activities easier for their practitioners by taking over the administrative and operational aspects of their work such as appointment allocation.

The Mission: Interim Product Manager

We joined Eterno Health as Interim Product Managers to support the discovery and delivery of the Telemedicine Platform - a digital healthcare platform that connects medical practitioners with patients.

While the staff at Eterno Health had already made a head start with the work, they needed a critical set of eyes and support to help drive the product strategy.

We aimed to create the end-to-end user experience on the platform based on preliminary work, founders’ know-how, as well as market research, and best UX practices. To achieve this, we conducted necessary research, mapped out user flows, performed user-acceptance-testing, prepared detailed requirements documentation, and oversaw the delivery and coordination of the project.

Our Main Quest

Discovering The Problem

Mapping out what had been designed and developed helped us understand what remains to be built and what needs to be improved. The key areas that needed more attention from a discovery perspective were the following experiences:

Competitor Research

In order to design thoughtful experiences efficiently, we decided to look at the HealthTech landscape to better understand what our competitors were doing. We mapped out the appointment booking flow for 6 competitors and the health profile page for 4 competitors.

Competitor's Research - Appointment Booking

The insights from the research were then used to analyze the requirements from a user experience and regulatory perspective.

Mapping Use Cases

Once we had an understanding of the competitive landscape, we began to map out the various different use cases associated with each of the experiences we were tasked to build.

Within the appointment booking experience, we categorized our personas based on different conditions such as:

  • Appointment Type (in-person vs. online)
  • Insurance Type (public vs. private vs. self-payer)
  • Payment Type
  • User Type (registered vs. non-registered)
  • Contact Type (first visit or not)

These were then mapped out against the different appointment states in order for us to understand the required information that needs to be captured to book an appointment from a regulatory perspective.

Appointment State

A similar exercise was done for the health profile page to understand the inputs that need to be captured in order to populate the user’s profile and for the home diagnostics platform to map out the states for the testing kits from purchasing, shipping, delivery, activation, processing, and results.

Reimagining Experiences

Based on the insights from the research and the use cases, we worked with the stakeholders, through collaborative workshops, to reimagine the user flows for appointment booking, health profiles, and home diagnostics.

User Flow - Appointment Booking

A different shade, green in color, was used to map the proposed flow which helped us visualize the differences clearly.

User Flow - Appointment Booking

Insights from our discovery were also mapped out on different parts of the flow to help viewers understand the rationale behind a certain proposal.

Implementation & Delivery

Once we were aligned with the stakeholders on the proposed user flows, these were then taken up for implementation and delivery with the design and development team.

We defined the requirements in the form of user stories with detailed acceptance criteria, copy, and use cases for the design team.

Once these were in place, we worked with the designer to iterate on the prototypes until we had a user experience that the stakeholders approved to get to development.

Finally, we supported the user acceptance testing of the developed features. Bugs were reported and fixed in an iterative manner until the feature was ready to be shipped. 🚀

Mission Achievements: Delivered Outcomes

💡 Optimized the appointment booking experience by implementing a smarter solution based on conditions that reduced the number of steps and data points required to book an appointment.
💡 Led scoping, planning, discovery, and delivery of the health profile page and home diagnostics platform.
💡 Oversaw the end-to-end product development process by conducting discovery, defining requirements, and providing support within project management, documentation, design review, and user acceptance testing.

In the Client's Own Words

Space Crew of this Mission

VP/Director/Head of Product
Senior Product Management Consultant
Associate Management Consultant

For Clients: When to Hire Us

You can hire us as an Interim/Freelance Product Manager or Product Owner

It takes, on average, three to nine months to find the right Product Manager to hire as a full-time employee. In the meantime, someone needs to fill in the void: drive cross-functional initiatives, decide what is worth building, and help the development team deliver the best outcomes.
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